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Four Paws For Love - A Dog's Point of View

Born to Serve

September 24, 2018

There is nothing like a baby picture and this is one of mine. My wonderful puppy raisers took it shortly after receiving me off the puppy truck. ​It was a little scary feeling every bump and turn as we rolled along in our kennel-on-wheels and I couldn't snuggle to mom for comfort. You got to understand when I first opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was my mom and brothers and sisters. They were the only family I knew. Now I was separated from my mom and siblings facing the unknown. When the bumping and turning stopped, one by one we were taken out. I tried to be brave, but a whimper squeaked out when a man plucked me from the kennel. Bright sunlight made me squint as he held me up and said something. He handed me to a smiling, sweet smelling lady who cuddled me close as I gave her puppy-breath kisses. She tasted like love and I kissed her all the more. There was no question in my mind, no matter what would happen next, this was my new family and I had nothing to fear. I was born to serve and this volunteer puppy-raising family was going to help me become a career service dog. Thank you Casanova family for an awesome beginning to life. I'll love you forever!

For the Love of My Handl​er

October 1. 2018

From my picture you can tell I'm not one to be shy when it comes to having a good time. It's that reason my handler and I work so well together. She loves to have fun and I go right along with whatever she does. We are together 24/7, inseparable, because that's my job. I am never off duty. I make sure she is aware of the change in her blood sugar, high or low. I can smell it if I am in a different room of the house and come running. I even sense the sugar change while she was doing aqua aerobics in the YMCA pool. One time she couldn't figure out why I wouldn't lay down on her command. I was practicing "intelligent disobedience" meaning I knew her blood sugar was low and she needed help. She figured out I was alerting and got out of the pool to test. I was correct and got a delicious jackpot reward. You see, I love my handler and will do anything for her like dressing up in silly costumes for special events. This photo was for the annual "Walk for the Dogs" in June. I'm not sure what she'll dress me up as for Halloween. Whatever costume I wear, underneath I am a diabetic alert dog on duty, 24/7 for the love of my handler.

Relief Stations, Cold Paws & Snowballs- 

Can I Get Happier?

November 27, 2018

It's been too long since I've written but a lot has been happening and I barely have had time to do my business...just kidding. My handler mom makes sure that my business is always taken care and cleaned up properly. I've been back to Minnesota by plane, (the first time I flew was in August and I got to sit in the cockpit after meeting the pilot!) We finally found the airport dog relief room in Minneapolis, but that doesn't mean I liked it. I experienced my mom's home town of Thief River Falls, Minnesota and my first blizzard! When I walked out to do my business in the morning, the first flakes were falling and my cold paws told me to be quick. But I soon overcame the cold to learn I loved catching and eating snowballs! I've been helping mom a lot since she had carpal tunnel surgery- catching her low blood sugars and enjoying lots of snuggle time while she recovers- my favorite thing to do. However, the best is yet to come. Early this Saturday morning I am heading off to another adventure with two furry friends and their handlers. We will be flying together to experience 5 days in what mom promises to be "The Happiest Place on Earth." At least it is supposed to be for humans. I promise to blog every day of my experience so you'll have to check in and see if I agree that it is the happiest place on earth for dogs too.

The Happiest Place on Earth 

January 8, 2019

Happy 2019! I had a wonderful Christmas season, especially the first week of December. My best fur friend, Wolfie and her human, took me and my human to Disneyland. I made a new fur friend, Ryeanne who came along with her human on the adventure too. The six of us flew to Orange County in the front of the plane called the bulkhead and spent 5 days in the “happiest place on earth.” The first day our humans bought us Mickey ears with our names embroidered on them. Every time we stopped to take photos, a crowd of strangers gathered behind the photographer making us feel like celebrities. The first character we met was Goofy. I think he is a big important dog because he was dressed in a fancy suit. I liked him so much I gave him one of my famous slurps so he wouldn’t forget me. Everywhere we went people were wishing us “Happy first time” because we wore first-time buttons which made us feel like the park was open exclusively for our enjoyment. The first ride was called “Cars” and I think because dogs, even service dogs, are not allowed to drive, we had to wait at a special gate for our humans to return. They came back laughing and smiling so I am sure they enjoyed it. I did get to go on some of the rides that weren’t fast, bumpy or went upside down. I slept a lot on most of the rides, but sometimes I sat up and watched with great fascination as music played and we floated past dancing dolls and blinking lights. The first night we stayed for a loud fireworks, light and music show on Main Street. All those things didn’t bother me at all as I kept my eyes on my human. At the end of the show something starting falling out of the sky. I recognized this from my trip to Minnesota. It was snowing at Disneyland! I put my nose in the air and licked at the flakes. They didn’t taste the same as the snowballs I caught in my human’s hometown, but I liked them. Back at our hotel, I hit the pillow, sleeping all night without a dream. It was a long, fun, exciting day for all of us and my human was very proud of me because never once did I put my nose to the ground but did my job without distraction- I think I deserve a gold medal. This story will continue in my next blog.

Meeting a Nice Designing Lady

The Happiest Place on Earth Part II 

January 16, 2019

Everywhere we went, we met Disney characters. We usually had to wait our turn to take pictures but this particular character chased us down. She said she loved doggies. I thought she was friendly enough so I gave her a couple of my signature chomping slurps and she declared "This one wants to eat me!" I would NEVER think of eating a human! YUCK! As we posed for photos she revealed her intentions to integrate us into her designing projects. She labeled Wolfie "curtains," Ryeanne a "throw rug," and me a "duvet" whatever that means, something French I think. For some reason, her comments made our handlers more protective of us. I didn't understand why until she grabbed a stranger and offered to trade that random person for the three of us. I learned that looks can be deceiving and even though I don't judge people, I need to have boundaries. Apparently Miss Cruella Deville has a reputation. Just ask the Dalmatians.​

Happy Birthday Captain Rene

Chomp Slurp for you & Orange County JW Airport too!

January 29, 2019

After a fun day subbing in Second Grade, We drove off to the San Francisco International Airport, once again. (how many times can a service dog fly in just a few short months?) We were on another adventure. Going through security was the easiest it has ever been because somehow we got pre=approved. One thing that has been the same through security is they always want me to go first. That is not how we trained so my handler has to politely guide them through the process. My history of  business in airports is not good, but I am officially making JW International my favorite. They have a huge secure outdoor place for me to do my business and even run around a bit without leaving the terminal. When everyone was on board the plane and the flight attendants were going through the safety instructions, they announced it was the captain's birthday. When the people shouted out 'Happy Birthday' I recognized the words. I knew I had to do something special. When the flight landed, we waited until everyone had left to meet Captain Rene. I loved her from first sight. She brought me to the cockpit where I gave her my official chompy slurp and she made me an honorary captain in return. I love my new flying friend and hope to fly with her again, only she'll have to teach me how to pilot because I never got that training at Dogs for Diabetics. Happy Birthday Captain Rene!  

A Prideful Journey

Meeting Someone Famous

February 21, 2019

It's always an adventure when I travel. I recently took to the highway, riding along with my Auntie Cindy, Grandma Nana and my handler, Christy, to Laughlin, Nevada. The desert looked like a giant sandbox that I would have loved to stop and run about in except we were on a mission. Grandma Nana's favorite country music star was playing at our hotel and she was anxious to see him. Auntie Cindy played his music and the three of them sang along. I could hear the words in my dreams as I slept most of the trip. Because Grandma has been a fan of his for more than 50 years, she got us in to meet him before the concert. I think wearing a special button from his fan club helped. He was very friendly and kind. I wanted to give him one of my chompy slurps, instead I had my picture taken with him because he was too tall for my slurp to reach his face. Besides,  I didn't want to mess up his concert-ready look with  slobbery kisses. I blended into the background so the photo I posted is him performing. Can you guess his name? Hint: He kisses an angel good morning and sings about a wooden Indian at the end of every show. I'm his fur-fan.