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​Diabetic Service Dog Blog

Four Paws For Love

Born to Serve

September 24, 2018

There is nothing like a baby picture and this is one of mine. My wonderful puppy raisers took it shortly after receiving me off the puppy truck. ​It was a little scary feeling every bump and turn as we rolled along in our kennel-on-wheels and I couldn't snuggle to mom for comfort. You got to understand when I first opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was my mom and brothers and sisters. They were the only family I knew. Now I was separated from my mom and siblings facing the unknown. When the bumping and turning stopped, one by one we were taken out. I tried to be brave, but a whimper squeaked out when a man plucked me from the kennel. Bright sunlight made me squint as he held me up and said something. He handed me to a smiling, sweet smelling lady who cuddled me close as I gave her puppy-breath kisses. She tasted like love and I kissed her all the more. There was no question in my mind, no matter what would happen next, this was my new family and I had nothing to fear. I was born to serve and this volunteer puppy-raising family was going to help me become a career service dog. Thank you Casanova family for an awesome beginning to life. I'll love you forever!

For the Love of My Handler

October 1, 2018

From my picture you can tell I'm not one to be shy when it comes to having a good time. It's that reason my handler and I work so well together. She loves to have fun and I go right along with whatever she does. We are together 24/7, inseparable, because that's my job. I am never off duty. I make sure she is aware of the change in her blood sugar, high or low. I can smell it if I am in a different room of the house and come running. I even sense the sugar change while she was doing aqua aerobics in the YMCA pool. One time she couldn't figure out why I wouldn't lay down on her command. I was practicing "intelligent disobedience" meaning I knew her blood sugar was low and she needed help. She figured out I was alerting and got out of the pool to test. I was correct and got a delicious jackpot reward. You see, I love my handler and will do anything for her like dressing up in silly costumes for special events. This photo was for the annual "Walk for the Dogs" in June. I'm not sure what she'll dress me up as for Halloween. Whatever costume I wear, underneath I am a diabetic alert dog on duty, 24/7 for the love of my handler.